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Who is Newport Harbor Radiology Associates Medical Group, Inc. (NHRA)?

NHRA is a group of over 40 radiologists who have been contracted to provide services at Hoag Hospital since 1969. Our radiologists are nationally and, often, internationally recognized for their training, skills and leadership. We are proud to be one of the largest radiology groups in Southern California and known for our quality of patient care.

What is a Radiologist?

A radiologist is a Medical Doctor (MD) who diagnoses and treats various diseases using imaging technology. Radiologists are trained in the interpretation of images created through imaging techniques such as X-ray, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Radiologists are also trained in performing image-guided procedures and interventions.

I had a radiology exam at Hoag Hospital, and I received a bill from NHRA. Why?

The hospital performs the technical portion of the radiology service (i.e., obtaining a CT scan) and bills you for that portion only. NHRA provides the medical professional services related to your exam (i.e., interpreting or reading the images) and bills you separately for those services. In virtually all cases, you will receive two bills for each radiology exam -- one from the hospital and one from NHRA.

I have a question or unresolved issues regarding a bill I received, what should I do?

We outsource our billing and collection procedures to an outside billing company. You should call 1-949-475-8813 to discuss any questions you have regarding your bill (please have it available when calling so the account number and date of service can be easily relayed to our billing representative).

How do I get a copy of my images or final report (and will there be a cost to get these records)?

You need to contact the location/facility where you had your exam. NHRA only provides professional services and does not retain medical records (the facility where you had your procedure is required to keep these records for a legally required period of time). The cost to get copies of these records will be determined by the facility, not NHRA.