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You won't find a more experienced team than the radiologists at NHRA. Our {{ physicians.length }} radiologists are all board-certified and each possess extensive subspecialty training. In addition, several of our radiologists are involved in clinical research projects, which allow us to provide patients with technologies not available at other facilities.

Many of our radiologists are recognized authorities in their areas of expertise. They have trained, and many have taught, at the finest universities in the nation and several hold prestigious positions in national societies. Our physicians have written numerous books and journal articles, frequently presented at national medical conferences, and have conducted courses which attracted international attendance.


At NHRA, highly skilled radiologists with advanced training and expertise are the only one reading our patients' imaging studies.

The expertise, technological resources, accountability and connectivity of NHRA-affiliated radiologist is what sets them apart from the other radiologists, or non-radiologist interpreters, at other imaging centers and medical offices in the community. And these are all differences that make a significant impact in the level of care a patient receives.


NHRA uses an electronic imaging system, enabling images to be stored digitally and retrieved at any of our facilities. This means the radiologists with the most expertise can review images and collaborate with one another, regardless of where your procedure is performed.

Our affiliation with Hoag Hospital and Newport Imaging Centers allows easy access of images and reports for timely comparisons, consultations, or second opinions. What's more, our experts can review images with referring physicians simultaneously from different locations.